Michael Aiken BSc.Hons. (Ost Med)

Michael Aiken started working at the Glasgow Osteopathic Centre in 1997 and apart from a year working out in New Zealand, he has worked at the Glasgow Osteopathic Centre ever since.

He first become interested in osteopathy when his dad damaged his back badly and was off work for over a year. He witnessed the benefits of osteopathy getting rid of his dad’s pain but also getting him back to return to sport and the activities he previously enjoyed. Seeing his dad return to a normal life through osteopathy is the reason why he decided to pursue this career.

Michael has always enjoyed seeing a broad range of patients. He has seen patients from their teens to the elderly and from musculoskeletal problems associated with pregnancy to the problems suffered by classical musicians and ergonomic issues.

Having a background in martial arts, athletics and rugby, he has always had a strong interest in treating sports related problems and has worked with a number of elite level athletes including a number of the all Blacks and other professional rugby and football players.